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A.G.M. 2018 Results.

Chairman: Sean Botheras

Vice Chairman: ................

Secretary: Tim Barnes

Treasurer: James Couling

First Aid: James Couling, Tim Barnes & Sean Botheras

Event & safety officer:................


The 2018 AGM was well attended

CJC will have events this year, so please keep your eyes on the events page & Facebook

The next issue was FEES!
It was decided that full membership will stay the same  this year,  just 80 pounds for the year. With the current economic climate, this was agreed to be easier for our members.

Do you have any news?

If You have any news please let us all know and send it to us by e-mail, .

CJC Facebook.

The Club is finally online.  Ok, the website has been down for maintenance, but that's not quite what I meant.
It's great to finally be on the forums as a club. Most of us are on here individually, but as they say, it's better to play with a group.......So please go and a have look at Facebook so if you want to have a say, please post post post


Reasons for not skiing alone.

How many of you have read that line in the club rules that says “skiing alone is strongly discouraged”?

The reasons for this are many.  However, it is all about your own personal safety. 

Let me tell you a little story that shows how important it is to go out with company.

On Sunday, a few members of the club decided to go out for a little ride. It was a lovely sunny day, there was virtually no wind & a trip to Seal Island was decided upon. We launched from the Hayle slip and rode out to sea. It was a good run, there was enough swell to have a bit of a jumping session – not major, but good fun anyway.

We made it to Seal Island, we were able to get in fairly close (not too close as to worry the seals) and we enjoyed seeing 3 seals, bobbing around in the water, wondering what on earth this bunch of weirdo’s were doing.

After that, a trip into St Ives was a brilliant idea. We motored in at 5 knots, got out the sand anchors then went for coffee. It went down so well!

Once we had drunk our coffee, we decided to head over towards Carbis Bay for a little play. Unfortunately, I had to be home for a pre-arranged meal, so I told the others I was going back & that I would see them later.

One of our party decided to come back with me. He’d had a slight problem earlier on with a sticky choke which fouled one of the plugs & made progress difficult. This had cleared but he thought it wise to return with me.

Just before the 5 knot signs, the ski cut out. His first thought was to take it into the beach. Due to issues with recovery from that area, we thought it would be better to tow the ski back to the slipway. The rope was attached then we set off slowly towards the slip. About a third of the way towards the slip, the member being towed called out to let me know that stability was getting awkward & that the craft was sitting lower in the water than normal.

This is where it got tricky. In less than 3 minutes, the ski had almost sunk! All that was visible was the rear hand grip & the back deck. Help was summonsed via VHF & due to the nature of the emergency, the other 2 members who had been with us sped over to us to offer assistance. We managed to get the ski back to the slipway, whilst keeping the rear end just about afloat.

Once back at the slip, details of the incident were recorded by the slipway attendant & we were then able to investigate the reason for the sinking.

As we needed to get the ski out of the water, we had to tip the ski over to get the water out. At this point we discovered why the ski went down. A large section of the hull, just under the fuel tank had broken off. It’s possible it hit something in the water. Thankfully, the engine was not running while the ski filled up with water so hopefully there will be no lasting damage to the engine.

Obviously, I’m not about to say who the poor rider was, but if anyone  is a dab hand with fibreglass, please get in touch with myself Tim or Sean & we’ll pass on the offers.

Anyway, please take heed of this tale, we don’t want it to be you next time. We were lucky that this incident happened so close to the harbour & that other members were close by. If you DO go out alone & something happens – who will be there to help you?


Formation Marine.

Don't you just hate those annoying chips & scratches on your ski? Well Sean certainly did.  As most of you know by now, (because we don't stop banging on about it) several members went to Cowes the other year for the P1 Powerboat championships.  Without going into more detail than necessary, there were a few issues which resulted in damaged skis.  Basically, the moorings that had been provided were boat moorings & as you well know, boats are higher than skis! We moored up against these wooden docks, but with the swells & the amount of traffic in the area our poor skis were bouncing around & getting scratched to S*#t under the docks.  Most of us have lived with the damage & it's still there to this day.  However, Sean decided to get his ski (the Barge!) repaired.  He came across a company called "Formation Marine" who claimed to be able to repair the damage. So, being a brave individual, our esteemed Chairman took his ski in to Formation Marine to be done.  Those of you who know Sean will also know that he doesn't tend to worry about much. On this occasion, he was like a cat on a tin roof. You would think he was about to go in for the snip without anaesthetic! He was petrified that his ski would be scarred for life.  The week that his ski was in was probably the longest week he's ever had. However, the call came in to say his ski was ready & he bravely set off to see his beloved ski again. 

Now, Formation Marine had said that they could repair the damaged gelcoat but Sean was not prepared for the end result.  When he got there, his ski looked like it had just come off the production line. All the marks had gone, the scratches had been re-gelcoated, and the colour had been matched perfectly. Sean could breathe easily again.

If any of you want to get your skis repaired by a reputable, quality firm, that aren't too expensive, go to the links page & click on Formation Marines link.

Tell them you are a member of the club & that Sean told you to call & they will look after you.

You won't be sorry you did.


CJC Went To Cowes.

Answering a call for help from the RYA, several members of Cornwall Jetskier Club were chosen as RYA marshalls for the P1 Powerboat world championships in Cowes, Isle of wight, between August 24th & 26th. The RYA had contacted Bill Kircher of Solent Skiers to ask for a team of PWC riders to marshall the race circuit. Representing CJC were Sean Botheras, Mark Williams, Tim Barnes, Brian Sullens, Terry Jones & Scott Cheadle. Along with us for moral support was Richard Ford—Hayle Harbourmaster, although he was not on the water for this event. It was good to meet up with members of other clubs. If any of you are on the PWC forums, you will have come across Thumper. Normally found to be having his say about Cornwall, he was pleasantly surprised to find how the club has moved on in the last 2 years & has now changed his mind about us & thinks we’re the mutts nuts! Several members of other clubs are thinking of coming down in the early part of next year for a get-together. Should be fun. The weekend was a resounding success, with no major incidents to report apart from one. After the last race on the Sunday, one unpleasant Rib pilot decided not to listen to one of our members & proceeded to power up & motored straight over Scott & his ski. Thankfully Scott is not too badly injured, but his ski was quite badly damaged. The RYA and the authorities are carrying out a full investigation. We wish Scott a speedy recovery. Roll on next year!


The 2007 A.G.M. Results.

Chairperson: Sean Botheras. Vice Chairperson: Mark Williams. Treasurer: Brian Sullens. Secretary: Tim Barnes. Event safety officer: Ben Granata.


RYA Training.

As you may be aware, club rules state in article 11 that “All club members must hold a RYA certificate for PWC’s, and provide a photocopy of certificate with membership.” We decided at the AGM that those members who do not currently hold a RYA certificate should do so within 3 months. This timescale is drawing to a close, and as yet, we have not received any updated information from any member to state that they have completed their RYA. Certainly no certificates have been sent into the secretary. Please ensure that you get your RYA training completed as soon as possible and send a copy of your certificate to the address at the bottom of the page. Chris Bertish (CJC Events Co-Ordinator), who is based at Hayle, runs PWC Training UK Ltd & Nicola Wilkes at Adventure Sports UK Ltd, who is based at Carnkie, both offer PWC training & have offered discount to CJC members. They can be contacted on the following telephone numbers: Ben Granata: 07875413722 Nicola Wilkes: 01209 218962


Membership Cards.

We propose to issue membership cards to all members. However, although the application form requests a passport sized photo be submitted, this year, only 3 photographs actually arrived. To enable us to issue the membership cards, please supply either a passport photo (with your name on the back) or email a photo to , which clearly shows your face. As soon as we receive your photo, we will issue your card. Don’t forget that GUL are offering CJC members 10% discount on purchases upon production of a membership card, so it is in your interests to get your photo’s to me as soon as possible. In the near future you will also need to produce your card at Hayle before launching as HHML have requested that members carry a club I.D. card.

Yellow / Red card system.

In the club rules, article 10 states that “ A yellow & Red card system will be used to ban persistent offenders, then rule 7 will apply”. (Rule 7 – “Anyone bringing the club into disrepute will be expelled & lose all use of exclusive launch sites”) The committee have reviewed this rule & have decided that a timescale needs to be applied to this rule. Therefore, any Yellow or red cards issued will be valid for 2 years. There has also been some confusion about the lack of warning before a yellow card is issued. The committee will contact the member in the first instance, the member then has the opportunity to respond to the allegation before the decision is made to issue a Yellow or Red card.

Memberships & Hold Harmless Agreement Forms

It's a new season, so please get your new memberships forms & hold harmless agreement to Cornwall Jetskier Club if you haven’t already done so.

Christmas Party.

As most of you are aware, we held our 1st ever Christmas Party on December 16th.  It was held at the Gwealdues Hotel in Helston. We had our own private bar (& barman), excellent buffet meal and disco (although we’ve decided not to drink when doing a disco again!). There was also the usual Raffle – Thanks to those of you who donated Raffle prizes – you know who you are! Attendance was good and it was great to meet up with so many of you. For those of you who didn’t make it, you missed a great night!


As most of you are probably aware there has been a lot of adverse publicity recently based around unsubstantiated accusations of dolphin harassment by personal watercraft and powerboats owners in this part of the South West.

As chairperson of the Cornwall Jetskier Club Dave Pye has carried out several radio interviews on both Radio Cornwall and Pirate FM representing both the club and the point of view of personal watercraft users in general. A 25 metre exclusion zone around dolphins has been suggested by St Ives Council. Dave explained that this would not work as dolphins and other sea creatures are often attracted to the sound and bubbles made by the craft. It is a well-known fact that dolphins have followed and played along side all types of watercraft since man first set sail. Such an exclusion zone would simply be impossible to maintain or police. Dave also felt that there are several people who want to see a complete ban on personal watercraft and are using this as a way to get such a ban imposed.

While the club does not believe its members are involved in any such activity CJC would like to remind everyone that it is a criminal offence to harass any such sea mammal or bird. Being found guilty of such an offence can result in a prison term or fine. It can also mean expulsion from the club for bringing it into disrepute. The various harbour authorities can also exclude you from their water.

If dolphins or the like approach you, simply slow down and be careful. Do not forget that they are wild animals. . As well as being playful, they can also bite! Give them your respect and enjoy the moment.

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